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During springtime, most of us like to wear our hair lighter -Even blondes wish to go lighter. Here are a few spring hair color tips to maintain the health and color of your hair.

Spring blonde


There is often times red tones is a beautiful choice to add to springtime hair.

add red to blonde hair


A color change such as adding lighter colors or red colors can add beautiful dimension to your hair. Red hair is the most in thing to do and when you put in the right highlights, it could just get you way beyond.

The blonde and red complements each other so fine and so does the blonde highlights which enhance your profile in ravishing red hairs. You could get the talk of the town looks with mind boggling colors along with the right attitude to set the stage on fire. And, even though red is a great color to add the color seems to fade quickly. The reason for this is the color particles in red hair color are the largest and escape from the strands of hair easier.

Red hair Molecules


Whether you are a redhead, blonde or brunette, if you are going even a bit lighter or redder, you should ask your hair stylist what she/he could do to prevent hair from premature color fade.

faded hair


 This may include leaving the color on a bit longer or mixing up separate formulas for the base,  mid-shaft and ends. Be sure to ask if they are doing a typical “pull through” or using a fresh color formula.

Apply color


Ask if the formula will be on the mid-shaft and ends and for how long. Then you need to evaluate which hair care products you’re using at home and you need to make sure that your products are specifically formulated for repair and moisturize, as well as prevent hair from premature color fade.

Aloxxi hair products


Lastly, as a general rule, you don’t need to shampoo as often which will help retain your hair color for a longer period of time.



By following a few of these spring hair color tips you will be well on your way to healthy beautiful Summer hair.

Here are a few other great beauty tips from GGP:

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~Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL and BE KIND to your hair~

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      Marci! I so hate my gray too. I have to color it every 3 weeks, good thing I’m a hairdresser 😉

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    Hi Denyse – I clicked over from the blog train @ God’s Growing Garden! Just wanted to say hi. The overwhelming trend here in Scottsdale, AZ, is too blonde all year round. It’s a bit much, but those are probably my mid-western roots showing. No pun intended! Ha ha!! Hope you have a great week and it was good to find your blog. Take care. ~ Lisa

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      Hi Lisa! Blonde is here all year round too and trying to get people to tone it down in the fall and winter is impossible. I live by the lake so I guess bleach blonde is in. LOL


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