Decorative Woodwick Candle Jars

Decorative Woodwick Candle Jars

I’m finally coming to the end of my bathroom makeover, but I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had to share my decorative Woodwick candle jars. They came out better than I had envisioned. I think I just go in my bathroom just to look at them. Not to mention my Q-tips, cotton pads, and makeup sponges are easily accessible in a decorative way.

Decorative Candle Jars

If you have never bought a Woodwick candle you are so missing out. One of my favorite candles. The smell is wonderful and just the crackling noise alone is relaxing. 

After my candles burned out, which by the way burns very evenly all the way to the bottom. I just ran hot water on the bottom of the jars and what was left popped right out. I knew I wanted to make something with the jars but I just wasn’t sure what, so they just sat. Then it hit me one day EXACTLY what I wanted to do with them.

Crafting with Woodwick Candles
Look at that wood top…so dreamy! If you remove the rubber ring you can lift the lids very easily and that was going to be perfect since I wanted to screw a knob to the tops.

Woodwick Candle jarsI went to Lowe’s and bought some adorable knobs. If you buy door/drawer knobs they will screw on perfectly. Just drill a whole through the center of the wood.

Woodwick candle jarsAfter I drilled the holes I painted the lids with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I went with Old Ochre and used clear wax to seal it and added my cute knobs. 

Then I added some burlap and embellishments to the jars. Filled them with Q-tips, cotton pads and make-up sponges and set them on my new shelves in my bathroom.

Are they not to die for????

Decorative Candle JarsLook how cute my knobs are, they look like little leafs. Did I mention I love my decorative Woodwick candle jars? 

I can’t wait to share my completed bathroom makeover with you. And, I hope you enjoyed this simple way to Decorate Woodwick Candle Jars.

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  1. Cute and so much better than throwing them away!

  2. Very cute! At first I thought you added a soap pump to them. I guess you could do that too. I love upcycled crafting and I will definitely pin this one. Stopping by after finding you on FB from the round robin giveaway last night.

    • :

      Thank you so much for stopping by, Beth! I’ve thought of a soap pump but I had just bought a really cute one when I started my bathroom makeover. So, many options with these candles.


  3. I have tons of Woodwick jars I use for this and that – I love the shape of them – and for what they cost I figure I have to upcycle them – but never thought to add the pump to them – how perfect !!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • :

      There are so many things you can do with the Woodwick candle jars. The shape is beautiful as well as the wood lid.


  4. These are gorgeous, Denyse! You are so talented ~ I love that you upcycled these so wonderfully. Thank you so much for sharing at this week’s Project Inspire{d} ~ pinned :)

    You are so awesome ~ big hugs, mb

    • :

      Thanks Mary Beth! I’m really super happy with them and ready to make some for my kitchen. I wish they would burn faster…LOL

  5. In in love with those jars! Thanks for the sneak peek into your bathroom makeover. Looking forward to seeing the whole enchilada! :)

  6. Love how you embellished them. So clever and creative. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Okay, these are adorable. I love your style, but I love even more that you actually repurposed these from something else and didn’t just dress up bathroom canisters. Great project, I love it!!

    • :

      Thanks, Adrianne! Now if the rest of the ones in the house would burn so I can make some for my kitchen. ;-)


  8. I love these Denise!! I have a few pretty containers that I am waiting to decorate when they are empty. Awesome project.

    • :

      Thank you so much, Kathy! I was super excited about this project. I waited a long time for those candles to burn. LOL


  9. These turned out great! Those candles sounds pretty amazing. I have a bunch of Yankee Candle jars sitting around waiting for a project like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • :

      Thanks, Sarah! It is a fun project that you can do with any candle jars. I’m glad you found some inspiration!!


  10. What a great way to re-use those candle jars. They’re so pretty I have a hard time throwing them out! So far your bathroom looks great! By the way I LOVE your new blog design! It’s so crisp, clean and easy to read.

  11. Love Woodwicks! I never throw away the jar, but haven’t thought up a use for them…until now. Thanks so much for sharing. They turned out beautifully! Pinned!

  12. Lovely repurposing project!

  13. So pretty!! I love reusing candle jars..I never throw away good glass!!

  14. I love this idea. What a great use of a throw out.
    I’ve often thought that the containers that candles come in are too pretty to trash.
    Great job. They turned out great!

    • :

      Thank you so much, Patti! I just love the looks of these jars and knew I couldn’t toss them.

  15. You are so clever! I especially love the knobs you chose… they are really interesting and attractive.

  16. Beautiful! What an awesome idea to reuse the candle jars!

    We would love for you to come link up Mondays 8:00am EST at Your Designs This Time.


    • :

      Thanks, Emily! The candle jars have been one of my favorite decor projects. Now if I could burn more candles faster. ;-)

  17. What a great idea!! So Cute!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous organizing jars! I love a good repurposing project. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday on Organized 31.

  19. These are so cute Denyse! I loved the inspirational quote next to them, too! XO

    • :

      Thank you, Julie! I need the inspirational quotes all over my house right now ;-)


  20. What a wonderful idea – I use Woodwick candles all the time because they are one of the best candles out there and smell so great! Never would have thought of this. Stopping by from You’re Gonna Love it Tuesday~

    • :

      They are my favorite as well. And, I’m ready for more to burn down so I can make some for my kitchen.

  21. Why did I not see this post before I threw out my Woodwick jars?? What a beautiful transformation!

    • :

      Awww, Kelly! I guess it’s too late to get them out of the trash…LOL…Better get burning ;-)


  22. Beautiful! This I’m definitely sharing with my daughter – she loves these candles! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  23. Super pretty and practical too!

  24. I love the wood wick jars and have never thought about reusing them. Great idea. ~Jeanette

    • :

      Thanks, Jeannette! I just love how they turned out. Now I’m trying to burn more so I can make some for the spare bathroom.

  25. Those are really cute jars and I love the way you did them. I’ve got painted mason jars in my bathroom but since they’re open they probably collect a lot more dust!


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